Memorial Day Prayer – A Prayer for Memorial Day for Remembering Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

By | May 15, 2018
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Memorial Day Prayer – A Prayer for Memorial Day for Remembering Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom: Prayers are an important part of our daily life. In some of the occasion greater importance is given to prayer time than any other action. Memorial Day Prayer includes the special hymns and notations that signify the sacrifices made by the armed force. In the prayers, the almighty is requested to settle everything that has hampered the life of the personal life military people. You can gather people by spreading the importance of the event. You can visit the place of burial or the cemeteries along with those people and offer your prayers for the making the million should of the armies rest in peace.

A Prayer for Memorial Day:  The families have adjusted a lot after the demise of their loved ones. He has sacrificed a lot and for our security, the armies had left all the luxuries. Memorial Day Prayer makes the families feel that everyone besides them is there to support them and help them to gather more strength.

A Prayer for Memorial Day

A Prayer for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Prayer – A Prayer for Memorial Day for Remembering Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

Memorial Day Prayer

Memorial Day Prayer

Prayers can bring solace and make each individual feel that the Almighty would surely help in the time of crisis. There is no such barrier and restrictions among the community to visit the prayer service area. Well-wishers can attend the event where the death is glorified broadly and the cemetery is covered with garlands and flowers.

Prayer for Memorial Day

Prayer for Memorial Day

Prayer for Memorial Day

The strength of mind means one’s power to recollect and gather courage and brevity. Prayers can silently fill a receiver’s mind with peace and solace. Memorial Day Prayer will surely make the hearts of the sufferer filled with positivity and extreme braveness to fight the cruel outer world. The armies have sacrificed their lives and become a martyr but their families need to exits. This is the situation when only prayers and blessings can save them.

We Remember – Memorial Day Prayer

We Remember - Memorial Day Prayer

We Remember – Memorial Day Prayer

We remember the many brave men and women
who have given their lives
through the history of our country
to protect us from danger and harm.
We remember all those who sustained injury
in mind and/or body in the course of their service.
We salute all those who served in the military.

– Author Unknown

A Memorial Day Prayer

As our nation pauses today to remember those in the military who have given their lives for freedoms we enjoy, we pray you would have us all look to you for strength, comfort, and guidance.
Be with all who serve in our Armed Forces. Bless them and their families.
Grant your loving protection. Let peace prevail among all the nations, O God. Especially let your mercy rest upon our land, even as we acknowledge with thanksgiving your past goodness on this country.
If it is your will, preserve the lives of the men and women in uniform as they defend our citizenry.
Most of all, we pray that you would turn the hearts of all – military and civilian – to your holy Word where we find the true peace for our sinful souls that surpasses all understanding. Keep us repentant of sin. Move us to know, take hold and treasure your saving grace.
In this peace and hope for eternity, we pray.

– Author Unknown


Memorial Day Special Prayer for Remembering Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

In the quiet sanctuaries of our own hearts,
let each of us name and call on the One whose power over us
is great and gentle, firm and forgiving, holy and healing …

You who created us,
who sustain us,
who call us to live in peace,
hear our prayer this day.

Hear our prayer for all who have died,
whose hearts and hopes are known to you alone …

Hear our prayer for those who put the welfare of others
ahead of their own
and give us hearts as generous as theirs …

Hear our prayer for those who gave their lives
in the service of others,
and accept the gift of their sacrifice …

Help us to shape and make a world
where we will lay down the arms of war
and turn our swords into ploughshares
for a harvest of justice and peace …

Comfort those who grieve the loss of their loved ones
and let your healing be the hope in our hearts…

Hear our prayer this day
and in your mercy answer us
in the name of all that is holy.

The peace of God be with you.

– Austin Fleming


Memorial Day Prayer 2018

We show our thankfulness in prayer
This honor you deserve
Giving all for freedom’s call
That we may live without reserve.

– Susan Helene Kramer


A Prayer for Memorial Day

Gracious God, on this Memorial Day weekend,
we remember and give thanks
for those who have given their lives
in the service of our country.
When the need was greatest,
they stepped forward and did their duty
to defend the freedoms that we enjoy,
and to win the same for others.

O God, you yourself have taught us
that no love is greater than that
which gives itself for another.
These honored dead gave the most precious gift they had,
life itself,
for loved ones and neighbors,
for comrades and country – and for us.

Help us to honor their memory
by caring for the family members
they have left behind,
by ensuring that their wounded comrades
are properly cared for,
by being watchful caretakers of the freedoms
for which they gave their lives,
and by demanding that no other young men and women
follow them to a soldier’s grave
unless the reason is worthy and the cause is just.

Holy One, help us to remember that freedom is not free.
There are times when its cost is, indeed, dear.
Never let us forget those who paid so terrible a price
to ensure that freedom would be our legacy.

Though their names may fade with the passing of generations,
may we never forget what they have done.
Help us to be worthy of their sacrifice,

O God, help us to be worthy.

– J. Veltri, S.J.


A Christian Memorial Day Prayer

Gracious God,
On this Memorial Day, we pray for those who courageously laid down their lives for the cause of freedom.  May the examples of their sacrifice inspire in us the selfless love of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Bless the families of our fallen troops, and fill their homes and their lives with Your strength and peace.
In union with people of goodwill of every nation, embolden us to answer the call to work for peace and justice, and thus, seek an end to violence and conflict around the globe.
We ask this through your name.

– Author Unknown

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